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26 October 2017: Workshop Startup Founder Canvas at Ecobiz CCI, Grenoble

24-25 October 2017: Special offer - Register for the Process Communication training, Grenoble

13 October 2017: Cogiteo coachs at Startup Weekend Annecy, Annecy

10 October 2017: Cogiteo jury member at Alpine High-Tech Venture Forum 2017, Lausanne

3 October 2017: Presentation of Startup Founder Canvas at Marseille Innovation, Marseille

21 September 2017: Cogiteo is certified GCologist at the GCIndex

19 September 2017: Cogiteo is a training institute registered on Datadock

 7 September 2017: Cogiteo jury member to the Innovact Awards, Reims

27 June 2017: Cogiteo coache the winner EverCleanHand at Innotrophées, Grenoble

15 June 2017: Cogiteo contributes to Mediation and Business, Grenoble

31 May 2017: Meet Cogiteo at Venture5i, Grenoble

18 May 2017: Workshop on Business Model Canvas for CCI-Grenoble Ecobiz, Grenoble

16 May 2017: Special offer - Register at the Process Communication training, Grenoble

15 May 2017: Cogiteo contributes to the ICF France day, Lyon

30 March 2017: Cogiteo contributes to the Festival de l'Entrepreneuriat GEM , Grenoble

28 March 2017: Cogiteo contributes to the IBM WATSON by GEM , Grenoble

23 March 2017: Conference on The taste of Risk at Proj'Expo à EVE , Grenoble

9 March 2017: Cogiteo contributes to Atelier du Forum 5i , Grenoble

1 March 2017: Cogiteo is certified expert for Vianeo Business Design

14 February 2017: Cogiteo is jury member at Pepite Starter Ozer , Grenoble

  1 February 2017: Happy birthday to Cogiteo! Five years serving the startups community deserve special gift... contact us!

16 December 2016: Cogiteo board member at INRIA Alumni , Paris

10 December 2016: Cogiteo launches the Startup Founder Canvas®

1 December 2016: Cogiteo co-conducts the INRIA Horizon Startup Day , Rocquencourt

29 November 2016: Cogiteo contributes to Cafés de la Création , Marseille

26 November 2016: Cogiteo is business coach at Startup Weekend , Annecy

24 Novembre 2016: Cogiteo challenge your project at Osez l'entreprise , Grenoble

18 November 2016: Speed coaching at Ecobiz , Grenoble

 4 November 2016: Cogiteo coached the winning team at Startup Weekend Artificial Intelligence , Paris

24 October 2016: Post "En formation, la relation prime sur le contenu !" on Linkedin

14 October 2016: Cogiteo is business coach at Startup Weekend , Grenoble

06 October 2016: Workshop on entrepreneurship at Pepite oZer , Grenoble

20 September 2016: Presentation of Managerial Agility at APEC , Grenoble

20 June 2016: Post "La meilleure personnalité pour être entrepreneur !" on

20 May 2016: Cogiteo runs an Agility workshop at ICF France , Voiron

11 May 2016: Cogiteo coaches the 1st batch of Outdoor Sports Valley Incubator , Annecy

28 April 2016: Cogiteo expert for the Innovation PME programme, Rhône-Alpes

6 February 2016: Cogiteo contributes to creathon of SenseAcademy WeTech Care, Grenoble

4 February 2016: Cogiteo selected as Coach for H2020 SME Instrument programme

26 January 2016: Workshop "Go-to-market Strategy" at Col'Inn, Grenoble

21 January 2016: Workshop "Go-to-market Strategy" at Solid'Action, Crolles

23 novembre 2015 : Conference on Managerial and Entrepreneurship Agility at CCI Drôme, Valence

20 November 2015: Cogiteo coaches at Startup Weekend, Grenoble

12 November 2015: Workshop Entrepreneur/Project matching at Pepite Ozer, Grenoble 

27 October 2015: Cogiteo coaches startups at Big Booster, Lyon

  1 October 2015: Workshop "Go-to-market Strategy" at Tarmac, Grenoble

15 September 2015: Cogiteo selected as Mentor at Big Booster, Lyon-Boston 

11 September 2015: Speed coaching ICF session at CCI, Grenoble

08 September 2015: Workshop on Tutoring at Pepite Ozer, Tullins
02 September 2015: Workshop "Fit business-team" at CEEI NCA, Nice

27 July 2015: Cogiteo becomes expert for BPIFrance, Grenoble 

17 July 2015: Cogiteo becomes expert for ARII PACA Labs, Marseille

24 June 2015: Cogiteo coach and jury at Alpine High-tech Venture Forum, Lausanne

5 June 2015: Cogiteo jury at Cogiteo jury at Innovact Awards, Reims

26 May 2015: Cogiteo becomes business partner of Vianeo

20 May 2015: ICF speed coaching workshop at Inovallée, Grenoble

18 May 2015: ICF speed coaching at Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises, Grenoble 

5 May 2015: Workshop on Entrepreneur's Mindset at PEPITE oZer, Grenoble

 9 April 2015: Workshop on Conflict management at APM, Lyon

31 March 2015:Conference on Mediation at Col'Inn, Grenoble

13 March 2015: ICF Speed coaching for Ecobiz HR, Grenoble

12 March 2015: Conference on Entrepreneurship at FFMAS, Grenoble

11 March 2015: Workshop Networking at Les Informels/APEC, Grenoble 

10 March 2015: Cogiteo sponsor of Interclub, Grenoble

  9 March 2015: Coaching workshop for Booster votre entreprise au féminin, Ecobiz, Grenoble

29 January 2015: Cogiteo sponsor of the first Failcon, Grenoble

22 January 2015: Cogiteo as a witness at FailChat du Tarmac, Grenoble

  7 January 2015: #JESUISCHARLIE

17 December 2014: Cogiteo becomes expert for CEEI Nice Côte d'Azur, Nice 

27 November 2014: Cogiteo presents the mediation as a way to solve business and associates conflicts at Tarmac, Grenoble

14 November 2014: Cogiteo coaches at Startup Weekend Grenoble, Grenoble

10 November 2014: Workshop on Entrepreneurship at Impulsion38, Grenoble

7 November 2014: Cogiteo becomes a member of International Coach Federation

1 November 2014: Cogiteo launches a free diagnosis tool for startups, try it at Secure Your Growth

23 October 2014: Workshop on Entrepreneurship for Ecobiz, Grenoble

3 October 2014: Workshop on Crowdfunding for the Creafil network, Grenoble

10 September 2104: Secure Your Portfolio/Secure Your Growth tools selected by European BIC Network

20 June 2014: Cogiteo attend the Numeric BBQ of French Tech, Grenoble

19 June 2014: Conference on Agility at 1ères Rencontres des décideurs informatiques de l'Isère, Grenoble

24 april 2014: Conference on Entrepreneurship at IDRAC, Grenoble
10 april 2014: Conference on Entrepreneurship at Tarmac Inovallée, Grenoble

15 march 2014: Cogiteo support Digital Grenoble for French Tech

28 February 2014: Meet us at the 3rd IAE Company creation forum, Grenoble

25 February 2014: Cogiteo joins the Grenoble Mediation Centre, Grenoble

29 January 2014: Cogiteo is appointed expert with IncubaGEM, Grenoble

1 January 2014: Cogiteo wishes you a great 2014 year!

17 December 2013: Cogiteo works with GEM on Collaborative Project Management, Grenoble

4-6 Decembre 2013: Cogiteo presents its offers Secure Your Portfolio® and Secure Your Growth® at the European Business Network conference, Rovereto, Italy

2 December 2013: Conference on Entrepreneurship at Polytech, Grenoble
21 November 2013: Talk on Entrepreneurship Agility at Agile Grenoble 2013 conference, Grenoble
15-17 November 2013:
Cogiteo coaches at Startup Weekend, Grenoble
13 November 2013: Conference on Entrepreneurship at IAE, Grenoble

22 October 2013: Workshop Entrepreneurship at GRAIN, Grenoble
4-6 October 2013:
Cogiteo coaches at La Startup est dans le pré, Lozère
17 September 2013:
Workshop on "Managerial Agility" at CCI Nord Isère, Villefontaine

July 2013: Cogiteo in Summer school for European KIC Inno Energy Masteriales in Autrans
2 July 2013:
Cogiteo in the newspaper Dauphiné Libéré of Grenoble
27 June 2013:
Workshop on Business Plan at GEM Entrepreneurs, Grenoble Ecole de management, Grenoble
17-18 June 2013:
Meet us at Alpine Venture Forum, Lausanne
14 June 2013:
Panelist on Entrepreneurship at IDRAC, Grenoble
30 May 2013:
Conference at Rencontres Networking Business Grilog, Grenoble
22-23 May 2013:
Meet us at Venture4i, Grenoble
4 April 2013: Conference on Entrepreneur Agility at ViennAgglo economic agency, Vienne
2 April 2013: Workshop on Managers' productivity at Ecobiz Créateurs/Repreneurs , Grenoble
26 March 2013: Evening discussion at IAE Grenoble's Entrepreneurs club, Montbonnot
7 March 2013: Workshop on "Managerial Agility" at CCI Nord Isère, Villefontaine
1 February 2013: Happy birthday Cogiteo! Register for free coaching session for startups!
15 January 2013: Conference on "Startup, mode d'emploi" at Ecobiz CCI, Grenoble
1 January 2013: Cogiteo wishes you a great new year 2013 !
13 December 2012: Meet us at "Journée Experts" for Ozer, pôle entrepreneuriat, Grenoble
11 December 2012: Conference on "European financing for Research and Innovation" at Minalogic, Grenoble
1 december 2012: Cogiteo becomes member of NESSI, European consortium for Software and Services.
22 November 2012: Conference on "Startup, mode d'emploi" at Inovallée, Grenoble
16-18 November 2012: Meet us at Startup Weekend Grenoble, Grenoble
14-15 November 2012: Meet us at Osez l'entreprise forum, Grenoble
9 November 2012: Workshop on Managerial Agility at Ecobiz Innovation Community, Grenoble
23 October 2012: Conference in French on "Startup, user manual", Paris
19 October 2012: Cogiteo joins the WorldCafé Community
3-4 October 2012: Meet us at Rendez-Vous Carnot, Lyon
1 August 2012: News coach partners joining Cogiteo
19 june 2012: Conference about "Startup, user manual" at Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble
13 June 2012: Meet us at Salon des Entrepreneurs, Lyon
06 June 2012: Conference on "European funding ICT, Security and Space" with Vitamib at Luxinnovation, Luxembourg
10 May 2012: Cogiteo joins the GEM incubator, Grenoble
3 May 2012: Meet us at Forum4i at WTC, Grenoble
2 April 2012: Cogiteo joins "Innovation" and "Jeunes Entreprises" Ecobiz communities of Grenoble
21-22 March 2012: Training on Collaborative Project managet at NFID, Lille
1 March 2012: Cogiteo becomes a member of the GRILOG network (Grenoble Isere Logiciel)