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Rather than a definition of coaching, read what our customers say about us (in French)...


Le coaching


Hi, my name is Michel Cezon and I am professional coach specialized in entrepreneurship!


With whom do you work and when?

I work with entrepreneurs from the inception of an idea until the validation of their business model. I also coach managers in intrapreneurial positions or when they take on a new job. In all these situations, there are many questions to which it is not always easy to find answers.


How do you help entrepreneurs?

Challenge your thinking, step back, identify real problems, evaluate potential solutions, develop your action plan...
All this requires listening, caring, non-judgmental, neutrality and confidentiality.
The coach does not provide the right answers, but challenges and asks the right questions, questions that should help to move forward.


What is the aim of this approach?

Move, grow, find your own way and especially your personal balance ... The key is to be consistent with who you are and what you do. Values, aspirations must drive your professional life... The motives behind your professional engagement make sense.


What are the outcomes for the company?

When you know deeply why you do things, motivation, efficiency, performance and success are waiting for you. Your autonomy and mastery increase. The well-being and pleasure blossom.


Why are you legitimate?

I created four companies in France and abroad ... I hope I have learned from my successes and mistakes. These experiences help me as a coach. If one has been there several times, it is easier to understand the state of mind of entrepreneurs; the questioning is more relevant and accurate.


Why do you love this job?

This is a logical next step in my career, but above all a passion for entrepreneurship, for human… and the satisfaction to assist the professional development with kindliness, confidentiality and without judgment.
I feel useful, to help entrepreneurs and managers to regain some serenity, confidence and autonomy. And this is my greatest satisfaction - after I disappear because a good coach is biodegradable!


All coaches involved on behalf of Cogiteo adhere to professional ethics and are supervised to ensure reliable sound practice, and without damage to the coachee.Primum non nocere !