Entrepreneurs and startups coaching
for Team acceleration

You are developing your technology startup, you are an entrepreneur or intrapreneur, you have a project to create a startup or to take over a company

Your expertise, your intuition, your mind, the richness of your network and especially your team are your most valuable assets.

To carry out your project, we coach you to

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The success of the startup depends on the team long before the brilliance of the idea, the excellence of the technology or the beauty of the product or service.


4 April 2024

Cogiteo takes part in a round table on entrepreneurship

17-19 November 2023

Cogiteo coachs at Grenoble Startup Weekend

16 June 2023

Cogiteo joins the EIC Women Leadership Awards Ceremony

1 February 2024

Artificial or Emotional Intelligence: coaching machine/human coaching

17 October 2023

Training on Entrepreneur’s mindset at Linksium

16 May 2023

A new post on the Startup, Founder Canvas

Why choose Cogiteo

Cogiteo was born in 2010 from an observation: technology can do everything, but without humans, it can do nothing.

The creation of 3 technology startups and many mistakes taught me that, too often, many failures could have been avoided with better communication and collaboration.

The founders and the team coaching lays a solid foundation to grow the business peacefully.

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95% of successes in tech companies are human-related


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