My name is Michel Cezon and I am a Certified Professional Coach.

I started my career as an engineer expert in Artificial Intelligence and created 3 startups in this field.
Since 2010, I coach technology startups…. my way!

The entrepreneurial journey is exciting and open to all. But, it is demanding, requires a certain rigor and can profit greatly from a coaching.

Here is the entrepreneurial approach that I meet very often in startups.

"Classical" Entrepreneurial approach

Most of the time, the starting point is Technology push or Market pull: a beautiful technology that only needs to respond to market needs badly or not addressed. Whether one starts from the technology or from the market need, the value proposition is then defined and the team needed put together.

The result is the strategy, organization and execution most often driven by business …

This entrepreneurial approach has the dual advantage of positioning the customer and their needs at the center of the company’s concerns and building on existing technological bricks to avoid future technological difficulties or impossibilities. This is commonly known as Product / Market Fit handling what the technology can and what the market wants!

But it is forgetting that technology can do anything but is worth nothing without the human. It is forgetting easily that the market drives the business but becomes legitimate and perennial only thanks to humans. The most important thing is to be centered and aligned!

Startup Cocktail® entrepreneurial approach

Here is my Startup Cocktail® Entrepreneurial approach which emphases focus on the team and allows to develop a harmonious business based on a solid team and a match between the rationale of the team and the value proposition of the business. This process takes place in several phases:

The team takes precedence over the idea, the technology or the market. Being in agreement with “who we are” (the team) and “what we do” (business) develops trust, autonomy, responsibility, commitment and performance. And that gives meaning to our life!

Cogiteo is commited to a professional deontology and supervision to ensure a safe pratice for the coachee. Primum non nocere !