Me, startuper and the Startup Founder Canvas

When I created this tool, I didn’t think it would become so useful and widespread. 🙏

The strong point of technology startups is their mastery of … technology! 😀 Their slightly less strong point is sometimes the understanding of possible and desired uses, addressable markets and strategies to access these markets. 🥺 Their weak point is often the team. 🤬

I’ve seen far too many great startups with innovative products and brilliant people end up in tension and conflict over issues of alignment, values, purpose or ego.

Questioning yourself and the team about the why and the how should never be overlooked.

☑️ Why am I here? What are my values? What is my vision? What are my motivations for this meaningful project? What are my needs, … these are our starting points to establish a reason for being with which we are aligned.

☑️ How do I want to move forward in this project? With which strategy, which means, which organization, with which commitments… These are the bases for an efficient implementation and a fruitful collaboration.

⭐️ The Startup Founder Canvas was designed to allow a systematic and formalized reflection through an approach and a tool. Today, this tool has an online version for more ease of use. 🚀 It remains free to raise awareness and contribute to the success of our startups for a better world and more fulfilled teams. ❤️

📌Check out and Thank you for your feedbacks and comments. 🙏

PS: If this tool is intended to help the reflection of startup holders, it can be useful to question oneself on one’s professional future 🌈😊

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