What I’ve learned in 12 years fits into 3 points 😉

January 2010!

12 years 💥💥💥

12 years I’ve been coaching tech startups 🚀 … a few hundred since then …

And always the same passion, the same commitment, the same pleasure 😍😉

But never the same need, the same requests and the same solutions! 💡

If I try to summarize all these experiences, I retain these points that I share with you:

✔ Listening

✔ Team

✔ Fulfillment

I have learned that listening is paramount 👂. My listening first as a coach. It has been refined over time to become … real, full and complete. How many times I thought I was listening, I was convinced I was listening but I was missing information, unspoken words, silences, a whole bunch of weak signals that would have helped me improve my coaching. And then listening to each other in relation to customers, associates, collaborators, partners… The quality of any interaction in a startup is based on the quality of our listening.

When I started coaching, I used to claim, in a certain desert, that the team was more important than the technology. Today, this is finally becoming obvious. Many of the incubators I have had the pleasure of working with use professional coaches or train in coaching. The team’s themes are no longer limited to recruitment and payroll. Managerial posture, cohesion and team commitment are becoming priorities🎯. Values, vision, missions, raison d’être are questioned and my tool www.startupfoundercanvas.com finally offers all its power 😊

We only have one life and launching a startup is ultimately just a way to nurture our purpose and grow. When we are aligned with who we are and what we do, life makes sense, our actions flow, the path becomes obvious and becomes valuable. The results magically appear 🐇 and are ultimately just indicators of our alignment. 🏆❗

12 years of fun sharing my knowledge and skills, but also my mistakes, failures, doubts 🎁… If I questioned, confronted, provoked, comforted, helped, reassured, encouraged… I always tried to do my best. 1000 thanks 🙏 to all my clients and partners for all those special moments. ❤

I hope my 3 points inspire you… Share yours in the comments!

Happy new year and happy birthday @Cogiteo 🌈😊 😀

PS: to reduce my carbon footprint, I’m going to stop my Facebook, Twitter and Scoop-It posts.

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