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16 May 2017: Special offer - Register at the Process Communication training, Grenoble

30 March 2017: Cogiteo contributes to the Festival de l'Entrepreneuriat GEM , Grenoble

28 March 2017: Cogiteo contributes to the IBM WATSON by GEM , Grenoble

23 March 2017: Conference on The taste of Risk at Proj'Expo à EVE , Grenoble

  9 March 2017: Cogiteo contributes to Atelier du Forum 5i , Grenoble

  1 March 2017: Cogiteo is certified expert for Vianeo Business Design

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You are an entrepreneur or intrapreneur, you plan to create a startup or take over a company... With your knowledge, your competences, your professional network and your mindset, you are the most important asset of your startup, your project or your company. Strengthening your mental and your ability for carry your project benefits from a field-proven methodology:

- questioning your values, your motivations, your hopes to clarify your vision;

- knowing your involvement, your risk level to free actions and means;

- considering failures possibility to improve serenity;

- mastering the entrepreneurship process to optimize your efficiency and your agility.


The entrepreneur drives the company success, far before the brightness of the idea, the product or the service.



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