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17-18 November 2020: Training Certification en Communication Interpersonnelle, Grenoble

13, 20 & 27 November 2020: "Formation Process Communication Model", 100% online

9-13 October 2020: Cogiteo speaks at conferences for the Festival Transfo, Grenoble

1 July 2020: Webinar about Process Communication Model for SE Abidjan

16-17 June 2020: Training Certification en Communication Interpersonnelle, Grenoble

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« Entrepreneurs and startups coaching for Team acceleration »


You are an entrepreneur or intrapreneur, you plan to create a startup or launch a new project... With your knowledge, your competences, your professional network and your mindset, you are the most important asset of your startup, your project or your company. To strengthen your mental and ability to make your project successful, you benefit from a field-proven methodology:

- question your values, your motivations, your hopes to clarify your vision;

- be aware of your involvement, your risk level to enpower actions and means;

- define your strategy given the values, the vision and the means;

- master the entrepreneurship process to optimize your efficiency and your agility.


The entrepreneur drives the company success, far more than the brightness of the idea, the product or the service.



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