What to do when the value proposition is too good?

“This is too good to be true ❗️❓” That was my reaction when Damien explained what @Hyvilo was doing.

NICT. New Information and Communication Technologies we used to say in my youth.

For more than 40 years, technology has brought a multitude of solutions to all our problems… Internet, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, big data, cybersecurity… the possibilities are endless to review, develop and optimize our organizations and businesses in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) world. Data has become plentiful and its complexity has been addressed… but, sometimes, by creating new problems. Complex user interfaces, heterogeneous data, information granularity, emerging standards, proprietary systems, reusability, interoperability, or simply unbridled technological evolution, have damaged some great technological initiatives and achievements.

While the promises were wonderful🦄 , their implementation sometimes failed. The reason lies in the approach. We too often kept in mind the existing, the ways of doing things, the constraints when we should have especially rethought the whole problem. We say “Think out of the box” but the box remains. “Think without the box®” would have been desirable. Seize this opportunity to re-invent ourselves globally without the box to make the most of these new technological solutions.

The consequences were silos, fragmented information and difficulty in reconciling strategy, business rules and implementations. Once bitten, twice shy! Some disillusionments have undermined hopes to lead to limiting beliefs. 🤬

Today, managers and decision makers of complex systems are faced with several issues:
📌 Incomplete, unreliable, outdated, not easily accessible or understandable information;
📌 Decisions that respond to what you can/should do instead of what you want to do;
📌 Implementations that lack efficiency or are difficult to verify after the fact.

These difficulties have made us cautious and learned to limit our ambitions. To make do with it. 😢
In our hectic world, it becomes urgent (@time-planet 😊) to regain an optimal, efficient and effective ability to do. Moving from “doing at best” to “doing the best” by being able to prove it. Having impact becomes our grail!

This means regaining access to simple, “natural”, immediate, secure and reliable information by directly retrieving data in real time where it is found without redeveloping new systems. This requires giving back a global multi-systems vision to strategists and decision-makers in order to make decisions with full knowledge of the causes and consequences. This requires being able to implement actions and to verify and quantify their real impacts. 🌈

Hyvilo brilliantly addresses these challenges with an augmented management platform. Its universal hypervisor allows multi-system data visualization to understand/reveal interactions, optimize the use of all resources and maximize the impact of decisions. Too good to be true? 💎

Hyvilo’s vision is of a better world where technology once again serves humans, where usage trumps experience, where resources generate opportunities instead of problems. 🙏 Their PDD strategy comes from the special forces. It consists of targeting a complex problem situation, providing proof of the solution and then replicating the model on similar organizations or companies. Seduce with facts, not words.

Hyvilo’s purpose is to help Change Makers make an impact. Hyvilo… and impact becomes reality!
So, not possible you said? Challenge them 😊

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