How do we know if we are compatible with our associates?


That’s the number of people I’ve coached and trained with Cogiteo. The vast majority in startups and technology companies … 🐣🦄🛸💎

The critical point that stands out to me and is confirmed over the years: the team and its ability to perform well. Technology or funding are never very difficult problems to solve. Solutions are always found.

The team is the foundation of the company on which the business is built. Without a motivated, committed, complementary, resilient, high-performing team, the business develops on sand. And no matter how brilliant the idea, how excellent the technology, how much fundraising money… it’s the people who make the difference in the long run!

The three aspects of this performance revolve around

☑️ the ability to collaborate effectively,

☑️ the management of behaviors under stress, and

☑️ the team members’ alignment.

The first two points are addressed with the Process Communication Model® (PCM), a tool developed by Dr. Taibi Kahler in the 1970s for NASA astronaut recruitment. For startups, the small startup team is doomed to make the most of the collaboration between each person. Any misunderstanding, unspoken words, tension, conflict will undermine this collective performance and may precipitate failure in the long run. 🥺

And then there is stress… Inevitable, insidious, deleterious, it appears at each difficult event in the life of the startup and profoundly modifies the behavior of each person. 🤬  PCM makes it possible to make all these behaviors observable, predictable and, above all, reversible.

All the PCM trainings and role-playing that I do rejoice when I see people come out of tense situations with this new insight 😊.

Finally, third aspect covers the alignment of the team on the values, vision, missions, strategy, organisation … But this alignment must also be verified on the business points of view 🎯. How to verify that my opinion of my company is aligned with my associates? How can I identify the strong points to consolidate, the points of vigilance to prioritize and the communication problems to address? Each partner has a vision of the business and shares it with the other partners with varying degrees of clarity. Any discrepancy must be detected as soon as possible in order to decide on corrective actions and re-align the team. This exercise should be repeated regularly, just like reviewing the portfolio of prospects or clients or technical problems…

Yes, the team is more important than anything else!

After my first tool , I’m happy to announce the new version of my second free tool ⭐️ ⭐️ developed in partnership with Roland Pesty. 🌈

Concretely, everyone gives his point of view on the startup and we compare. We are not safe from surprises as below!

Because making tech startups aware of this need for alignment is essential for me ❤️

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